When Are Services?

Sunday worship service is @ 10:00 am, Sunday school begins just before @ 9:00 am. We also have Wednesday night Services, our Family meal begins @ 5:45 pm and Bible Study is @ 6:30 pm.

What Do I Wear?

We don't have a dress code. And we encourage you to dress in the way you are most comfortable.

Where Do I Park?

We have more than sufficient parking bordering all sides of the church including a motorcycle and visitor parking area.

How can I Join?

To become a member of Cedar Grove Baptist Church you must first be a Christian who has been scripturally baptized. You may join by a "statement" of your faith or by moving your membership "letter" from another Baptist church. If you have not yet followed Jesus' example in scriptural baptism, you can discuss it with one of our decision counselors, or schedule a meeting with one of our ministers.

How Do I Become A Christian?

We offer you the opportunity to invite Christ into your heart at the end of every Sunday Service. We encourage you to follow this link detailing the process of accepting Christ into your heart and committing your life to Him.